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Shades ....and Lights !!!

The Artist


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Born in Oujda, in 1943, in a very poor family, orphan of father no very beginning of his childhood, Abderrahmane Zenati was fatally abandoned in the street, delivered to itself, in a city without pity. Without fastener nor mark bench, it roved night and days in the background districts and the waste grounds. Like hundreds of others given up kids, like him, to remain, it sought in the content of the dustbins, hidden in clouds of flies, the remainder of food disputed with the scabious dogs and the ordinary cats. Its torn childhood was only rocked by the dreams and the tales which the old popular storyteller Tayeb in the halka told. With force to live sparely in dirtiness and to eat anything available, at twelve years, Abderrahmane Zenati was found nailed in a bed of the hospital dOujda, perforated lungs of tuberculosis. It is there, in an encounter with  pain, in front of the major discussions between patients, that he  became aware of the reality of  life. The thought of knowing of what its tomorrow would be made, had suddenly germinated in its thoughts. And there, in its bed of patient, by instinct, he begun drawings on any surface or  paper falling to him under the hand. Then, with passion, gradually, begins his iniciation with the reading and soon with writing


Certain stories are not invented. They appear so tragic, so terribly inhuman that they inevitably make us think about certain masterpieces crunched by the most famous writers of the contemporary literature. However, sometimes, reality exceeds the fiction. And it does not remain us any more whereas to question us on the strange bounces of some men's strange destiny.............

Abderamahne Zenati