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Shades ....and Lights !!!


Abderrahmane Zenati

French Version

Brazilian Version

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Any white fiber,any piece of wood or copper, any color is for me the very beginning of a creativa enigma, an occasion to express me, the very beginning of projection of my thoughts...But does each painted fabrics convey my sensibility and my message ? Is this the very linguage of what I want to say ?

"...To paint paint the men and the horses of Morroco represents much more for me that the only pleasure of translating on fabric or paper scenes of "exotic" life ! To paint Morroco, the lights and the landscapes, is to get back in my childhood and my establish a footbridge between my heart and my native country which impregnated me with its charms. To paint the lights of Morroco...the sky of to pay homage to the beauty..., it's to feel the marine salt, the sun burning, the mixed odors of spices and vegetables of the " Souks ", the nostalgia of the ground walls collapsing under time, the effervescence of crowds which make streets their place of living and meeting....

I miss Oudja as I miss Morocco, and when I missed them too much, I dream them in paintings...."



Abderrahmane ZENATI
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Abderamahne Zenati